Robert Crooks

Robert Crooks is an expressionist collage artist from New York. Inspired by his past as a fashion designer, his style is rooted in ‘hyper-materialism’ with vibrant colours.

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Having spent his formative years in Beijing and Hong Kong, his works are strongly influenced by Chinese art as his iconic cityscapes mimic techniques found in traditional Chinese landscape paintings and is the reason why his works are often large in scale.

Robert is also known for his constant yearning for escape from the cutthroat nature of fashion design, which is why he often depicts himself at sea. Scenes are created using a mix of fashion magazine rip-outs, some dating back to the 1940s, with locally-sourced materials to highlight the origin of his works. The result is a unique blend of both English and Chinese content.

He has collectors around the world including Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Bangkok, Florida, New Jersey and Istanbul.

“Blue is as precious as platinum to me as it’s the foundation of the skies. And my magazines are my sacred materials. They tell a better story than I could draw, so I do purely 100% collage.”