Adam Neate

Adam Neate is a British conceptual artist described by The Telegraph as “one of the world’s best-known street artists”. His career is defined by a fearless exploration of new techniques which has led to several phases of his evolution as an artist. He’s most noted for portrait paintings in his unique style of ‘Dimensional Materialism’.

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In 2008, he gained global attention during his period of painting urban art on recycled cardboard. Leaving thousands of work worth millions of pounds in the streets of London for the public to collect, Adam’s citywide ‘exhibition’ received hourly BBC coverage across the UK on the status of artworks to be claimed. CNN subsequently documented his role in the movement of transferring street art into galleries and homes. His work is technically expert and has won him acknowledgement from the Tate, National Portrait Gallery and The National Gallery

Adam cites his influences as his wife, Waleska, New York graffiti artist, Daze, and Picasso. In December 2007, his painting Suicide Bomber sold for £78,500 at Sotheby’s.

“Portraits have always been a central theme in my art. l often try to paint what something feels like, more than what it looks like.”