Adrian Chan

Adrian Chan is a multi-disciplinary artist from Hong Kong who’s become known for his pixelated self-portraits.

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Exploring the theme of identity, Adrian’s pixelated execution and the natural lustre of oil paint are intended to obscure his works when viewing them by eye. However, as observers take a photo of the work, a silhouette of the subject matter reveals itself clearly.

His second series ‘A Grain of Sand’, which references William Blake’s poem “To see the world in a grain of sand”, uses black-and-white imagery to capture Hong Kong’s many alleyways. Identity is the theme once again, as the alleys are unfamiliar to most viewers, but instantly recognisable to those who are local to that community.

Adrian has exhibited at international art fairs and auction houses.

“If you know me, you’ll recognise me right away. But if you don’t, even the sharpest photo will be useless to you in identifying me.”