Jack Storms

Jack Storms is an American glass artist best known for his cold glass sculpting. He’s one of only a handful of sculptors to work in this medium due to the precise and physical requirements in the sculpting process.

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Combining dichroic, aerospace and lead crystal glass, every surface is hand sculpted into unique forms using lathes designed and built by Jack himself. He draws inspiration from the Fibonacci number sequence (or the ‘golden ratio’ found throughout nature) as his works lead the world of contemporary glass art in concept and technique.

His most notable commission was for Marvel Studios, with his ‘Full Core Spectrum Cube’ and ‘Tierdrop’ pieces becoming part of ‘The Avengers’ storyline. His cube was ultimately featured as the legendary ‘Tesseract Infinity Stone’ as his other works entered Stan Lee’s personal art collection.

Jack has acquired a cult following and is hailed by critics as one of the top contemporary glass artists of all time.

“I manipulate glass by grinding it in a cold process, similar to the way you would shape stone. It is very challenging physically. I’ve had several surgeries to repair damage done to my arms. I’ve lost the vision in my right eye when I was struck in the face by a piece. But the rewards to me are worth it.”