Chen Zhong Cun

Chen Zhong Cun is a Chinese ink painter, poet and Professor of Fine Art at Tongji University in Shanghai.

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Known for depicting migrant workers in China, Chen himself was a village farmer who migrated to Shanghai. His spontaneous calligraphy strokes are created with an empty mind, representing the bustle of Shanghai and his complex emotions regarding the city. His highly abstract style and use of primary colours has led to Chen being referred to as the ‘Mondrian’ of Chinese ink art. To Chen, the pursuit of art is to put philosophy, empathy and spirituality into practice, as he pays homage to Paul Klee who, like him, was a poet, artist and professor.

Chen was awarded the prestigious Medal of Honour of the Republic of France for innovating and mastering a unique style that blends Western and Eastern cultures. His works are found in public collections in the US, France and China.